Little Wing

  • Selma Vilhunen
  • Finland, Denmark
  • 2016
  • 100'
  • Tyttö nimeltä Varpu

Varpu, a 12-year-old girl, has no father and her immature mother Siru acts more like a younger sister, so her childhood is turned into adulthood by force. One night, she has enough of her riding buddies, of her mother and of making up stories to each question about her father. Varpu has a stolen car and her father’s name and decides to drive up to northern Finland to track down her biological father. An ultimate burden will change the lives of Varpu, her mother and her father forever. A fantastic road movie from an Oscar nominated director Selma Vilhunen.

Subtitles: HR

Selma Vilhunen

She has written and directed documentaries and fiction films since her film studies in Turku Arts Academy. Her collaboration with the screenwriter Kirsikka Saari resulted to the international festival hit Do I Have to Take Care of Everything? which was nominated for an Oscar for the best short film in 2014. Little Wing is Vilhunen’s debut feature film.

Little Wing

Selma Vilhunen
Selma Vilhunen
Linnea Skog, Paula Vesala, Lauri Maijala, 
Santtu Karvonen, 
Outi Mäenpää
Tuomo Hutri
Samu Heikkilä
Kai Nordberg, Kaarle Aho
Making Movies
Festivals & Awards
Toronto Int’l Film Festival 2016; Palm Springs Int’l Film Festival 2016; RiverRun Int’l Film Festival 2016 – Audience Award; TIFF – Kids 2017; Jussi Awards 2017 – 10 nominations and Winner of the Best Leading Actress Award; BUFF, Malmö 2017 – Nordic Star Award for Linnea Skog

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