Secret Society of Souptown

  • Margus Paju
  • Estonia, Finland
  • 2015
  • 105'
  • Supilinna salaselts

Secret Society of Souptown is a story of 10-year-old Mari, a smart and brave girl who lives in Tartu, in the area called Souptown. Her parents are obsessed with work so she spends most of her time with her grandfather Peeter, a professor at a local university. Mari has three best friends and together they form a secret society to play scavenger hunt games her grandfather invents for them. One day their city is struck by a mysterious poison that turns adults into children. Our group embark on an unimaginable adventure to discover the antidote. Their path is paved with challenges – they have to run from bullies and hide from the menacing evildoer. Can our children find the antidote and take it to the local hospital within 48 hours to save the lives of all the loved ones? Margus Paju delivers a classic adventure film, complete with puzzles and potions, exciting secrets and unexpected events.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Margus Paju

Since 2008, Margus has directed several short films, two scientific documentaries, TV series and a great number of commercials. Besides directing, he also writes scripts, film reviews and articles about film history for several Estonian culture magazines.

Secret Society of Souptown

Margus Paju
Mihkel Ulman, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris
Olivia Viikant, Arabella Antons, Hugo Soosaar, Karl Jakob Vibur, Mirtel Pohla, Evelin Võigemast, Tiit Lilleorg
Meelis Veeremets
Harri Ylönen, Marion Koppel
Esko Rips, Diana Mikita
Nafta Films, Solar Films
Festivals & Awards
Zurich Film Festival 2015 – Audience Award; Riga Int’l Film Festival 2015; Transylvania Int’l Film Festival 2015

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