The Other Side of Everything

  • Mila Turajlić
  • Serbia, France, Qatar
  • 2017
  • 104'
  • Druga strana svega

A Belgrade apartment divided in two tells the story of a family. Srbijanka Turajlić, who grew up in it, was only two when the property was split, on the orders of the then communist government. The doors leading to the other rooms were locked, and the place was still shut off 30 years later, when Srbijanka’s daughter Mila, who is also the author of the film, was born. Srbijanka, a prominent political and activist who played a leading role in the revolution, still lives in one half of the original apartment. In a film that rarely leaves this space, Mila paints a poignant portrait of her mother, a resolute woman with no qualms about her past actions, even though they put her life in danger. Does the new generation view things the same way? Film was awarded at IDFA (Best Feature-Length Documentary) and nominated for the Best Documentary at European Film Academy Awards.

Subtitles: EN

Mila Turajlić

She studied Politics and International Relations and Media and Communications at the London School of Economics, and Film and TV Production at the National Film School in Belgrade. She has directed many short films and the feature documentary Cinema Komunisto (2010).

The Other Side of Everything

Mila Turajlić
Mila Turajlić
Mila Turajlić
Sylvie Gadmer, Aleksandra Milovanović
Mila Turajlić, Carine Chichkowsky
Dribbling Pictures, Survivance
Festivals & Awards
IDFA 2017 – Best Feature-Length Documentary; Toronto Int’l Film Festival 2017; Tromsø Int’l Film Festival 2017; DocPoint Helsinki 2018; Gothenburg Int’l Film Festival 2018; ZagrebDox 2018 – Golden Stamp, FIPRESCI Award, Audience Award; European Film Academy Award – Nomination for the Best Documentary

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