Little Rain Worms Series

  • Jaromír Gál
  • Czech Republic
  • 2015
  • 3x9'
  • Žížaláci

When the rain stops, the rain worms come out of the hole and begin a game of forest golf. Their game is interrupted by a frog who is crying because he can’t get to his sweetheart, stuck on the other side of a busy road! The rain worms come up with a brilliant solution that will help all the frogs living in the forest.

In the world of rain worms, when the rain stops, it’s playtime. This time they find entertainment in soap bubbles. But, their fun is interrupted by a bunny lost in a cornfield. The rain worms try to comfort him by making soap bubbles, but they soon realize that a large combine is approaching harvesting corn.

After the rain, the rain worms are spending a quiet morning playing tennis in the forest. Soon a loud noise startles them and it is a four-wheeler driving through the woods, destroying everything in its path, leaving tire marks and crushing flowers and mushrooms! When it starts going in the direction of a big mud-filled pond, the rain worms try to stop it, but it falls deep into the mood and won’t start again.

[no dialogue]

Jaromír Gál

An artist, animator, screenwriter and director. He wrote scripts for the children’s TV series Bugo and Picola (1998), Gogo and Figi (2007) and a series Little Rain Worms, which he animated and directed.

Little Rain Worms Series

Jaromír Gál
Jaromír Gál
Zuzana Bukovinská, Martin Procházka
Magda Sandersová
Czech Television

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