Anchor and Hope

  • Carlos Marques-Marcet
  • Spain, UK
  • 2017
  • 113'
  • Tierra firme


Kat and Eva enjoy a simple bohemian existence on a tightly packed riverboat chugging its way along London’s channels, a life inspired in no small part by Eva’s former commune-living mother. Kat is content with the status quo, but Eva wants a baby. Enter Roger, Kat’s cheerful bumbling friend from Barcelona who, along with his good humor, also brings sperm needed to create a human being. A hasty drunken agreement is made and Eva’s long-awaited pregnancy begins. One problem: no one – not a boat remodeler, nor a part-time salsa instructor, nor a general vagabond, is sure of what role they want or are capable of playing in the baby’s life. Smart yet accessible, Kat and Eva’s emotional trip offers a genuine meditation on modern love and family.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Carlos Marques-Marcet

His first feature film as director was 10.000 KM (2014). It won the 29th Goya Awards for Best Director, as well as the Best First Screenplay at the 2014 Malaga Film Festival. Anchor and Hope (2017) is his second feature.

Anchor and Hope

Carlos Marques-Marcet
Carlos Marques-Marcet, Jules Nurrish
Natalia Tena, Oona Chaplin, David Verdaguer, Geraldine Chaplin
Dagmar Weaver-Madsen
Carlos Marques-Marcet, Juliana Montañés, David Gallart
Sergi Moreno, Tono Folguera, Sophie Venner
Lastor Media, Vennerfilm, LA Panda
Festivals & Awards
Seville European Film Festival 2017; Seattle Int’l Film Festival 2017; BFI London Film Festival 2017; Int’l Film Festival Rotterdam 2018; SXSW 2018; Transilvania Film Festival 2018 – Best Performance Award

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