Industry Youth! Pitching Forum

17/11 |  SATURDAY | 11:00 | F22
Frankopanska 22
open to public

In collaboration with film academies from the region, the program offers five-day festival attendance grants to two students from each of the academies. In the collaboration between the Industry Program of Zagreb Film Festival and six academies from the region – from Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Cetinje, Skopje and Zagreb – 12 students with their 6 projects have been chosen to participate in the Program and develop their short fiction films in preparatory workshops.

The Industry Youth! program will conclude with a pitching forum for student projects, in which young screenwriters and directors will be given the opportunity to present their projects to an international panel of representatives from regional postproduction studios, while the best project will be reward with some of their services. The participants of the pitching will have seven minutes for the presentation and seven minutes for Q&As.


We thank our program partners, studios Vizije, Nazor and Šesnić&Turković for their generous support in awarding the finest Pitching Forum project. The company Vizije will sponsor image post-production, Studio Nazor sound post-production, and Šesnić&Turković design studio the film poster design.

Panel members

Kate Hide (HanWay Films), Danijel Pek (Antitalent), Goran Turković (Studio Šesnić&Turković), Tom Vujnović (Vizije), Ivan Zelić (Studio Nazor)

Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb (ADU), Croatia

Tomislav Šoban, Adrijana Dimić


Alma is trying to build a career on two fronts. She graduated in acting and is trying to get her break through small parts and she is also trying to make it as a singer. After the death of her father, she and her brother inherit their family home in Daruvar where they both grew up. Her brother persuades her to sell the house, but a chance encounter with their former neighbor will reveal a family secret that will make Alma change her mind about selling.

Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo (ASU), BiH

Luka Vlaho, Benjamin Konjicija


Branko, a recently divorced father, has a special relationship with his son Luka, who has an autism spectrum disorder. When Branko gets a chance to show he is a responsible father, he decided to take Luka to a classmate’s birthday party. But, that proves more difficult than he thought and Branko will have to overcome a series of obstacles.

Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana (AGRFT), Slovenia

Matjaž Jamnik, Ana Kovačič


We follow Tonja and Alexander, a couple in two stages of their life. First, they are a happy young couple expecting a child. In the second stage, their son Jan is 8 years old and their relationship is falling apart. Unhappy with how Alexander’s life turned out, the family will soon experience an angry outburst.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (FDU Beograd), Serbia

Tamara Todorović, Andrija Dujović


An intimate story of the relationship between father and daughter, that is, the relationship a teenager has towards men, first love, family and the people around her.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (FDU Cetinje), Montenegro

Mladen Ivanović, Dmitar Janjušević


Balša is a police officer in charge of CCTV cameras. Every day he watches a run-down playground filled with kids, hooligans and pensioners. From time to time, he receives a message “from upstairs” which monitor to switch off. Balša lives with his mother and keeps her up to speed on what a retired doctor does on the playground. One day he gets a message to turn off the monitor – just as the hooligans attack the doctor.

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje (FDU Skopje), Macedonia

Borjan Stojkov, Dušan Efremov


The movie centers around the grandfather David and the relations between him and his family – his wife Tina, their daughter Joana, her husband Grigor, their son Lazar and his girlfriend Dolores. The family is on a weekend retreat in a mountain cabin. Grandpa suffers from dementia and hardly recognizes anyone, but suddenly his state of mind changes.