The European Commission has initiated the campaign #EUandME for young people up to the age of 35 with the aim of informing them on the values and rights of European citizens. The campaign was launched on May 9, 2018, in all 28 member states and will last for 18 months. The campaign centers on five topics spanning young people’s current interests: mobility, digital technology, skills and business, sustainability and rights. The topics are problematized in short films made by renowned European directors: Dalibor Matanić (Croatia), Tomasz Konecki (Poland), Matthias Hoene (Germany), Yorgos Zois (Greece) and Zaida Bergroth (Finland). However, this is only the beginning of the campaign! All creative young filmmakers – including those still in the making – can join their acclaimed colleagues. All they have to do is apply to the competition with an idea for a film related to one of the five topics. Five competition winners will receive nonrefundable financial support in the amount of 7,500 Euros and a chance to make their film under the mentorship of a top European director. The five films in the campaign will screen before the films in the PLUS program, will be our way of joining this praiseworthy initiative. All the information on the campaign is available at https://europa.eu/euandme/en, where you can also apply for the young filmmakers’ competition.


Croatia, 2018, 4’
director and screenplay Dalibor Matanić

An emotional story about a young Croatian farmer who wants to become a football star, while at the same time experiencing internal turmoil due to his sexual orientation. “The struggle for humanity, a chance for a better world, are topic that have always been present in my work. I believe we are creating a story everyone will be able to understand.” (D.M.)


Finland, 2018, 9’
director and screenplay Zaida Bergroth

The film deals with EU’s environmental policy in a story about a girl who gets lost in a menacing forest but, in the form of an unexpected friend, finds help and her way back.


Greece, 2018, 8’
director and screenplay Yorgos Zois

The story of an energetic 25-year-old, Alex, a dance aficionado who is stuck behind his desk. An unexpected burst of inspiration helps him realize that his hobby and his career are not mutually exclusive. “This is a story of how a young person can change their future by changing the reality around them.” (Y.Z.)


Poland, 2018, 10’
director and screenplay Tomasz Konecki

A warm and funny story about a Polish man, Jan, living in a cabin deep in the mountains. When he orders a pair of snowshoes online, he becomes smitten by the delivery girl. Jan will face various challenges in order to see her again and tell her how he feels. “If you think young men in Poland are not emotional – think again! Of course they are, and that is precisely why they will be able to relate to the film.” (T.K.)


Germany, 2018, 9’
director and screenplay Matthias Hoene

A powerful story of a grandmother who yearns to see the sights of Europe, but does not have the money to do so. However, her grandchildren come up with a plan to make money and help grandma’s dream come true. “I hope that younger viewers will be moved and that the film will inspire them to travel.” (M.H.)