The 16th ZFF Officially Closes

With a special screening of the Spanish-British film Anchor and Hope at the full Europa cinema, the 16th edition of Zagreb Film Festival tonight officially closed. The film was introduced by the special festival guest Geraldine Chaplin, starring opposite her daughter Oona.

During the closing ceremony, the festival director Boris T. Matić looked back on the fact that the festival this year for the first time got a winner who made his first steps at ZFF. The Load by Ognjen Glavonić, the winner of the 16th ZFF Golden Pram, was developed several years ago at the workshop My First Script, which is a special success and a turning point for the industry part of the festival. Matić also shared with the audience the amazing results of the festival: “I’m pleased that the festival went so well, the weather was great and the screenings were full to capacity. We occupied all the cinemas and can really say that the audience loves our festival”. Executive director Hrvoje Laurenta heartfully thanked the faithful audience who attended the festival in such numbers.