Sarajevo Film Festival – selection of films from BH Program

We continue the excellent, six-year-long collaboration between Zagreb Film Festival and Sarajevo Film Festival with a program of five short films from this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival BH Program, organized in collaboration with the Association of Filmmakers of B&H. The ZFF program showcases two student films, coming to us from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo: A Self-Reflection in Three Episodes by Sara Ristić and Irfan Avdić’s graduation film, Precious, which won the Best Student Film Award in the BH program and was selected for the official student competition of the Sarajevo Film Festival. Director Ado Hasanović presents his new short, Pink Elephant, a Bosnian-Italian co-production, while the short film, Rooster, directed by Sabrina Begović Ćorić is a Bosnian-Croatian co-production. Lastly, Interview, a short film by Nermin Hamzagić, has already screened at festivals around the world. Together, these five films, made by a new generation of authors, display the diversity of filmmaking in Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

The aim of this inter-festival collaboration has always been to strengthen regional promotion, encourage regional filmmaking and discover new short film authors and we continue this tradition with this year’s selection of short films from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Elma Tataragić
Feature Film and Short Film Competitions Programmer, SFF