The Seagull

  • Maria Popistasu, Alexandru Baciu
  • Romania
  • 2018
  • 15'
  • Pescărușul

While temporarily hosting her ailing father, Laura finds an injured seagull in the backyard. Their newfound goal to salvage the bird is the perfect excuse to avoid talking about the real issue, the imminence of death.

Subtitles: HR, EN

Maria Popistasu, Alexandru Baciu

M. Popistașu acted in the German production My Mother, My Bride and I and won the 2009 Adolf-Grimme Preis. A. Baciu worked as a (co)scriptwriter for The Paper Will Be Blue (Locarno, 2006), Boogie (Cannes, Quinzaine des réalisateurs, 2008), Tuesday, After Christmas (Cannes, Un certain regard, 2010), One Floor Below (Cannes, Un certain regard 2015).

The Seagull

Maria Popistasu, Alexandru Baciu
Maria Popistașu
Maria Popistșu, Alexandru Dabija, Paul Chirana, Mihai Gurei, Elena Văncică
Diana Vidrașcu
Andu Radu
Maria Popistasu, Alexandru Baciu

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