Intimate Lighting

  • Ivan Passer
  • Czechoslovakia
  • 1965
  • 70'
  • Intimní osvětlení

This sad comedy unfolds over a weekend at a country cottage, where two former classmates and classical musicians reunite after ten years. Instead of the traditional confrontation of two opposing approaches to life, Passer delivers a bittersweet mosaic imbued with subtle melancholy at the passing of time and dashed dreams. This dramatic comedy in which nothing very much happens – many times over – is founded on relationships, moods and details. Passer worked with Miloš Forman as a scriptwriter (on all of his Czech films) and directed only Intimate Lighting in his country, before emigrating to the US.

Subtitles: HR

Ivan Passer

He directed only one feature film in Czechoslovakia before emigrating to the USA in 1968. There he made more than 20 films: Born to Win (1971), Cutter’s Way (1981), Haunted Summer (1988), etc. He worked on all of Forman’s Czech films as a scriptwriter.

Intimate Lighting

Ivan Passer
Jaroslav Papoušek, Václav Šašek, Ivan Passer
Vera Kresadlová, Karel Blazek, Jaroslava Stedra, Zdenek Bezusek, Miroslav Cvrk
Josef Střecha, Miroslav Ondříček
Jiřina Lukešová
Jiří Šebor, Vladimír Bor
Jiří Šebor, Vladimír Bor
Festivals & Awards
National Society of Film Critics, USA 1970 – Special Award; Berlinale 2002; Karlovy Vary Int'l Film Festival 2016

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