I Can Barely Remember the Day

  • Leon Lučev
  • Croatia
  • 2018
  • 20'
  • Malo se sjećam tog dana

On the eve of his daughter’s tenth birthday, Goran’s sister calls him with unwelcome news. He hides the truth from everyone, knowing that it would ruin the planned celebration. Instead, he spends the day preparing for the party. Goran’s cheery exterior fools almost everyone – but one person senses the powerful emotions that are on the verge of tearing him apart. The film premiered at Locarno.

Subtitles: EN

Leon Lučev

An actor, director and producer. He has over 60 screen credits, including leading roles in the Berlinale laureate Grbavica by J. Žbanić, Circles by S. Golubović (Sundance, Berlinale Forum), Men Don’t Cry by A. Drljević (Karlovy Vary) and The Load by O. Glavonić (Director’s Fortnight, Cannes). He is currently developing his debut feature.

I Can Barely Remember the Day

Leon Lučev
Leon Lučev
Goran Bogdan, Nina Violić, Daria Lorenzi-Flatz, Sandro Miljuš, Sonja Perkov, Zoe & Ela Lučev
Radislav Jovanov
Ivana Fumić
Ivana Ivišić
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