Sex, Fear and Hamburgers

  • Eldar Shibanov
  • Kazakhstan
  • 2018
  • 19'
  • Sex, strakh i gamburgery

Coworkers and lovers Iskander and Laura are food photographers. After another one of their fights about work, a strange woman, Anat, walks in. When Laura steps out for a moment, a strange vibe is felt between Anat and Iskander. A small comedy about the unexpected chemistry of sexual tension and scary situations.

Subtitles: EN


Eldar Shibanov

He studied architecture and urban engineering. He started his career as an art department member in a film production in 2010, and set up a production design company with his mother. His directorial works include Eles (2015) and The Last Real People (2016.)

Sex, Fear and Hamburgers

Eldar Shibanov
Eldar Shibanov, Yuliya Levitskaya
Chingiz Kapin, Aissulu Azimbayeva, Victoria Mukhamedzhanova
Kairat Temirgaliyev
Eldar Shibanov
Yuliya Levitskaya, Anuar Yessirkepov, Daniyar Ibragimov
Artdepartment.Kz, Ayu Cinema, IPC SKIF, Mangacompany Production

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